Water Whizards is your water solution done right! We offer a variety of water softener support and maintenance services:

Water Services to Include:

  • Repairs your water treatment system.
  • Performs regular maintenance.
  • Installs systems or replacement water softener parts.
  • Delivers and refills salt.
  • Checks water quality.
  • Sanitizes your system.
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Saltless Conditioning
  • Ultra Violet Disinfection
  • Free In Home Estimates
  • Iron Removal
  • PH Correction
  • Nitrates Removal

Water whizards is a full service water treatment company that covers all your needs from simple service, to complex installations. We stock a full line of high quality water treatment equipment to resolve various water treatment issues. We are members in good standing with the water quality association and have a combined 70 years of experience serving the community.